Revised Article on Property Ownership Forms Available



Photo by Dave Emerson via Flickr


I’ve been out discussing farm succession planning for the past few weeks with a great team of co-presenters.  With the workshops, I cover the tools that can help pass the farm on to the next generation or achieve other goals.  One tool is co-owning property in a way that allows for ease of transfer.  Owning property as a joint tenant or as cotenants can come with different rights and responsibilities.

To help landowners understand different types of property ownership, I’ve put together an extension publication.  The publication has just finished the review process and is headed for design and layout.  You can read the current edition on my Medium page, here.

This paper also covers strategies for passing this property on to the next generation, including gifting.  I’m excited to see the new publication help landowners understand better the tools used in the farm succession and estate planning processes.

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