Top 5 Ag Law and Policy Article Downloads – April 3, 2017


For those that do not know, I’m one of 3 editors for SSRN’s Agricultural Law and Policy eJournal.  This week a new feature for this site will be highlighting the top five downloads of new articles in the journal.  Check it out:

  1.  The Financialization of Land and Agriculture: Mechanisms, Implications and Responses. Tomaso Ferrando, Warwick University School of Law.
  2. Administrative Law Enforcement, Warnings, and Transparency. Delcianna Winders, Harvard Law
  3. Contours of GMO Regulation and Labeling. Joanna Sax, California Western Law School.
  4. Coordinating’ with the Federal Government: Assessing County Efforts to Control Decisionmaking on Public Lands. Michael C. Blumm, Lewis & Clark Law School, and James A. Fraser (student), Lewis & Clark College, Law School.
  5. CRISPR GMOs. Paul Enríquez, George Washington University Law School.

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