Top 5 Recent Ag Law and Policy Article Downloads – May 1, 2017

ssrnChanges have happened over the course of a month with the top 5 downloads in with the recent Agricultural Law and Policy eJournal.  Check out the recent top downloads:

  1. Contours of GMO Regulation and Labeling. Joanna Sax, California Western Law School.
  2. CRISPR GMOs. Paul Enríquez, George Washington University Law School.
  3. From Rights as Juridical Claims to Supply Chain Logistics: Some Notes on the Right to Food and Food Retail Liberalization in India.  Amy J. Cohen, Ohio State University – Michael E. Moritz College of Law, and Jason Jackson, MIT.
  4. Climate Disaster Law: Agriculture and Food Security. Jonathan Verschuuren, Tilburg Sustainability Center.
  5. Adapting to the Changing World of Biotechnology: Syngenta AG MIR162 Corn Litigation as Regulation-By-Litigation. Paul Goeringer, University of Maryland – Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics.

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