Top Recent Ag Law and Policy Article Downloads – Oct. 22, 2017


Changes have happened over the course of October with the top downloads in with the recent Agricultural Law and Policy eJournal.  We are seeing a few articles hold their spots.  Check out the recent top downloads:

  1. The Butz Stops Here: Why the Food Movement Needs to Rethink Agricultural History, Nathan A. Rosenberg (University of Arkansas School of Law) and Bryce Wilson (U.S. Census Bureau), Stucki, 13 J. Food L. & Pol’y 12 (2017),
  2. Eating Is Not Political ActionJoshua Ulan Galperin (Yale Law School; Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies), Graham Downey (Yale Law School), and Lee Miller (Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic), 13 J. Food L. & Pol’y 113 (2017),
  3. Unforeseen Land Uses: The Effect of Marijuana Legalization on Land Conservation Programs. Jessica Owley, University at Buffalo Law School, Working Paper Series (2017),
  4. Farmers Markets Rules and Policies: Content and Design Suggestions (From a Lawyer). Jay A. Mitchell, Stanford Law School, 13 J. Food Law & Pol’y 181 (2017) (Forthcoming),
  5. Owning All the Seeds: Consolidation and Control in AG-Biotech. Rebecca M. Bratspies (City University of New York – School of Law), 47 Envtl. L. 583 (2017), and
  6. Legal Pathways to Carbon-Neutral Agriculture. Peter Leher (Independent) and Nathan A. Rosenberg (University of Arkansas School of Law), 47 Evntl. L. Rep. 10847 (Forthcoming 2018).

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