In Need of Attorney? New Resource to Assist Available

Caroline County Courthouse in Denton Maryland. (Photo by Will Parson/Chesapeake Bay Program)

A new publication from the University of Maryland can assist Marylanders in searching for and questions to use when interviewing an attorney. Finding An Attorney for Your Case Requires Asking the Right Questions provides a starting point for those feeling overwhelmed in searching for an attorney.

“The publication addresses an issue that often comes up when discussing legal services with our stakeholders. The publication provides a starting point for searching for attorneys who might be able to handle your case. We included suggested questions for a user to consider when interviewing a potential attorney.” said Paul Goeringer, Senior Faculty Specialist and Extension legal specialist, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

The new publication includes input from Maryland attorneys on issues that often come up in the attorney-client relationship. The questions will hopefully spark users to think of other items they should consider asking before settling on the attorney to be hired, said Goeringer.

The publication is available for free download at Support for the publication came from a grant from the Northeast Risk Management Education Center.

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