Webinar Highlighting 2018 Farm Bill Now Available


Soybean field with grain elevator in the background.  Image by United Soybean Board

In August, the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics hosted a webinar covering the 2018 Farm Bill debate.  As I write and post this post, the Farm Bill is still being debated by the conference committee and this webinar covers the competing House and Senate versions of the Farm Bill.

The webinar featured Jonathan Coppas, Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Illinois. Mr. Coppas discussed where we are at in the process and changes in policies that producers should be aware of.

For more information on the Farm Bill, I encourage you to check out the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics’ Farm Bill website. On the site, the AREC faculty cover many of these competing versions of the Farm Bill and potential impacts of the legislation.

Pesticide Drift Liability Presentation Online



USDA Photo by Charles O’Rear


This winter meeting season, I got the opportunity to present numerous times around the state on pesticide drift liability.  This issue was in the news this summer with dicamba drift damage in the South.  A class action lawsuit has recently been filed on that issue and I discussed it in an earlier post.  You can also enjoy the fact sheet I put together on this issue here.  The video of me presenting pesticide drift is after the jump.

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