Maryland Court of Special Appeals Overturns Lower Court, Finding Pesticide Ordinance Is Not Preempted by State Law

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            In 2015, the Montgomery County Council passed a bill prohibiting the use of certain pesticides on private and county-owned properties.  The law limited the use of pesticides registered with the Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA), allowing pesticides listed by the county for non-essential cosmetic purposes, and exempting agricultural applications.  In 2017, the Montgomery County circuit court found that Maryland state law preempted the ordinance; click here to see my overview of this ruling.  The Court of Special Appeals of Maryland recently issued an opinion overruling the circuit court.  The Court of Special Appeals found that federal and state laws in Montgomery County v. Complete Lawn Care, Inc. do not preempt the ordinance.

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2017 in Review: Legal Developments In Agriculture


2017 ag law developments

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With 2017 coming to an end, I want to take a minute to look back at many of the top legal developments impacting Maryland agriculture in the year. Many of these legal developments may seem like repeats from my 2016 update, click here to see. With those repeated issues, we in many cases have seen resolutions in a few, and with others, we will probably continue to see litigation further develop with a few issues in 2018. Moving into 2018, we will probably see new issues develop as we look at a new Farm Bill debate and cycle potentially starting.  You can listen to Tiffany Lashmet and I discuss many of these top legal developments on our joint podcast episode, click here. Continue reading