Another Class Action Filed Claiming Companies Have Miscategorized Contract Growers

Image of poultry house with grass buffer strip before harvested field. Image by the Chesapeake Bay Program

The article is not a substitute for legal advice. 

            Earlier this year, I posted about a recently filed class action lawsuit involving contract poultry growers, arguing that they were employees of Amick Farms and not independent contractors. For anyone needing a refresher on a class action lawsuit, I encourage you to check out that post.  Another class action lawsuit filed in Georgia by growers for Perdue argues the growers are employees and not independent contractors.  The lawsuit also contends that Perdue failed to pay the growers the federal minimum wage and overtime and breached the grower agreement by calling the growers independent contractors. This new lawsuit is Parker v. Perdue Farms, Inc., No. 5:22-cv-00268-TES.

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