Pesticide Drift Liability Presentation Online



USDA Photo by Charles O’Rear


This winter meeting season, I got the opportunity to present numerous times around the state on pesticide drift liability.  This issue was in the news this summer with dicamba drift damage in the South.  A class action lawsuit has recently been filed on that issue and I discussed it in an earlier post.  You can also enjoy the fact sheet I put together on this issue here.  The video of me presenting pesticide drift is after the jump.

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Hey, Paul Can I Shoot Down a Drone?

dont shoot down a drone.jpeg

I’m often asked this question at various meetings when discussing legal issues with UAVs.  The basic answer is no, you should never shoot down a drone.  I’ve written on this topic a few times through various Extension outlets, see here.  I’ve also recorded a podcast on the topic, see here.  I’ve also developed a publication with Ashley Ellixson and Dr. Jon Moyle on privacy issues related to UAVs, see here.

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